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school life

By 0079cooladitya Dec 03, 2013 738 Words
Summary: When you grow up, you will have many different lives. However, school life is the best time in human life. During this time, we experience physical development, emotions, friendships, relationships, and especially knowledge. Happiness, sadness and other emotions, or even love sick, we all can find in our school time. That's why school life is the best time in human life. It is different from university life and adult life, very different! As I showed you above, during this time, we will develop many things like physical development, emotions, relationships, and especially knowledge. Because school life only happens one time in your life (because you will grow up), so it is very precious. It marks a dramatic change in your whole life. Firstly, the faster physically you grow, the more you develop in mental. It marks your developing time to become a teenager. You are innocent and carefree. Materialistic is none of your concerns. You also have wild imagination, big dreams and ambitions to chase. But as a teenager, you will want to be more independent - which means you don't like to depend on your parents like a little child. And sometimes may be you will feel mature and rebellious. There are other things that you change inschool time, but the best thing is you are yourself to do anything you want as you grow up.

Secondly, going to school also means you will have a lot of friends. There is nothing better than belonging to a great group of friends and nothing worse than feeling like an outcast. Friends are important, so during this time make as many friends as you can. They are shoulders for you to cry onwhen you are sad or happy so your sadness will be less, and your happiness will be twice. Talking about school time , you can never forget the time you share your sweet dreams to your friends, and they tell you theirs; the time you have fun with them playing on the school yard or going shopping or even playing truant together! ... No matter how good or bad those memories are,school time is still unforgettable with sweet friendship and platonic love. Going to school also means you will have new family, new moms who teach you many things about life. Your life will be colorful and beautiful! Three of all, school life is the best time because it's time we learn many things, our knowledge will be widen, in both social and academic. You will discover those things you called "mystery"when you were a child, such as: "Where does the sun come from and go away everyday"" or "Why can't the trees grow without water and sunlight"" ... They are really interesting lessons. As you grow up, you will continue to learn other things and have deeper thoughts about life. You can develop your hobbies and skills through activities. Learning how to work in a group and individually is also important. Especially, may be you will have your early career! When you go to the university, you will have to put those schooling memories behind and have to face the new environment: campus. On the contrary, you need to work and study individually to prepare for future career (may be a part-time job). And you will feel more complicated due to a wave of students from all over the country. After graduating fromuniversity, you will start your own life as an adult. It is much more serious than you thought when you were in school time some years ago. Adult life is full of million complexities. Your first problem is to find a job and gain a high-ranking position. Then, you have to work and earn money to raise your family and have to be individually and not depend on anyone to make important decisions about your life... Wow, there are many things to think about as you grow up. However, your school life is still the best time in your life. You have known that university life and adult life are more complicated than school life. You can't depend on your parents anymore. So school time is the time for you to prepare for life. In conclusion, I just want to emphasis that school life is the very best time in human life. So when you are young and still going to school, you should make this time as beautiful and colorful as you can.

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