Schindler's List Analysis

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Schindler’s List Summary:
Schindler’s List is the true story of an extraordinary man who outwitted the Nazis who saved hundreds of Jews from the gas chambers during World War II.
In September 1939, the Polish Army was defeated by the German forces within 3 weeks. The Jews were commanded to register all their family members and relocate to the major cities. More than 10,000 Jews used to arrive in Krakow daily from the countryside. The steam locomotives used to transport Jews from various parts of Poland to Krakow, where on the train platform the government officials registered the refugees. Names and lists are the two major figures used throughout the movie.
Oskar Schindler was an ethnic German who arrived in the city of Krakow hoping to make...

Schindler also permitted the Jews to observe the Sabbath and spent much of his fortune that he acquired in Poland to bribe Nazi officials. He surprised his wife while she was in church during mass by telling her that she was the only woman in his life (despite previously being a womanizer). She accompanied him to the factory to assist him. He ran out of money just as the German army surrendered, which ended the war in...

After having dismissed the Nazi guards to return to their homes and families, he packed a car in the night and bid farewell to his workers. They give Schindler a letter which explained his innocence just in case he was caught, together with a ring engraved with a quotation which said, "He who saves the life of one man, saves the world entire." Schindler was touched but felt deeply distraught, thinking that he could've saved many more lives. He bid heavy-hearted goodbye to his workers and left with his wife. The next morning a Soviet dragoon arrived and announced the liberation of the Jews. Schindler was later declared a righteous person, by the Yad Vashem of Jerusalem. On the Avenue of the Righteous in Israel he himself planted a tree, which still grows to this day. Göth was captured and taken back to Paszów where he was hanged for his crimes against...
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