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In the following report, myself and group members have been instructed to act as consultants analysing the service encounter in video 2, making use of one or more of the blueprinting modelling techniques. The models used in this report are servquals and service blueprinting.

In a challenging and highly competitive market in which service industries proliferate, service quality is of paramount importance and essentially encompasses the differences between service expectations and performance (Cronin & Taylor, 1992).

Today businesses provide a high standard of service that is in keeping with customer expectations and at the same time remain economically viable. As such, levels of customer service and economic competitiveness can be seen as being inextricably linked (Grönroos, 1993). In order to maintain or improve levels of service quality, companies must constantly seek to improve operational processes and rapidly identify areas or issues which may detract from or degrade expected levels of service. In addition, it is also vital that the company establish standards and criteria by which service levels can be measured and compared and customer satisfaction assessed and quantified.

Customer service can and should be seen as a multi-faceted aspect of business and embraces a range of diverse issues and points. Chief among these are questions of access, security, credibility, reliability, courtesy and competence, all of which have a bearing on the perception of the quality of the service delivered (Grönroos, 1988).

Service blueprint
Introduced by Lynn Shostack, service blueprinting was established as a method to model the service processes from the customer perspective. It maps out all the various interactions and encounters that occur during a service encounter between service providers and customers. Above the line of visibility is the area labelled the “onstage” area, which shows what the customer actually...
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