Scavenger Hunt Essay

Topics: Activity, Task, Tires Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: November 4, 2011
What activities were performed? In class, we performed an interesting activity. In this activity we were shown a course containing five tires, each attached to a rope which can swing. The goal is to get every classmate from the first tire to the last one by going through every tire and never touching the ground. 1. Was there full participation on your part? Why or why not? I believe I participated to the maximum of my ability. I accomplished this by helping in some of the important tasks involved with the goal being successful completion of this task. I proposed suggestions for how to get people across without them ever touching the ground. Furthermore, I participated in pushing people who were standing on the tire to give them the initial momentum necessary to get to the next tire. I actively participated and gave suggestions, some of which were employed in an attempt to complete the task by following the instructions given. 2. Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish? Why or why not? Unfortunately, I didn’t accomplish what I set out to accomplish. My goal was to ensure that the class is coordinated and working together in the presentation of the ideas of how to get people across the set of tires. Unfortunately, we were not fully coordinated as a group which ultimately resulted in our group not being able to achieve my goal for this activity. 3. What was the purpose of the activity? EXPLAIN.

The purpose of this activity was to create a dependency among students so we can trust one another. If one person in the class did not get through all the tires, the mission would have not been accomplished and we would have to start over. Furthermore, the person standing on the tire must trust the people pushing him so they do not swing him/her incorrectly resulting in him to fall off. All these aspects ultimately showed that the success of the entire mission was depended on each individual equally because one someone, regardless of...
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