Scarlet Letter English

Topics: The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne, Nathaniel Hawthorne Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Answer the questions below on The Scarlet Letter and "In Reference to Her Children." Be sure to write your answers in complete sentences. Identify and explain an emotion that Bradstreet expresses in her poem that any mother might have. Fear of how her child is going to turn out after being isolated for childhood. Read Bradstreet's biography. List two hardships she endured throughout her life. Then, in at least two sentences, explain how these hardships might have influenced her poem "In Reference to Her Children.” “The colonists' fight for survival had become daily routine, and the climate, lack of food, and primitive living arrangements made it very difficult for Anne to adapt.” Anne also fell ill to smallpox, but this only made her love her children more. Figurative language is an important element in poetry. Taking tone and style into consideration provide a simile that could be inserted in Bradstreet's poem and briefly explain your comparison. Using the poem, answer the following questions.

How many children does Bradstreet have? 8
How many are girls? 4
How many are boys? 4
What did the first child do when he grew up? Samuel went to England then returned. Where are the last three children? Hannah, Mercy, and John.
What comfort is Bradstreet giving to her children by saying: "In chirping languages oft them tell You had a Dame that lov'd you well, That did what could be done for young And nurst you up till you were strong" She is wishing happiness for all of them. And she raised them and knows their strengths.

Part 2: Extended Response
Choose one of the two prompts below and respond in a well-developed paragraph of 5-7 complete sentences. Was Hester Prynne a heroine? Write a persuasive paragraph defending or condemning her actions. Hester is a Heroine, or hero because she stands up for herself. She is living in a hypocritical society and does not give up who she is. Hester is able to maintain her individuality and dignity in a repressive society in...
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