Scared To Death Summary

Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: September 23, 2016

Ed Yong's article, "Scared to Death", describes how returning wolves to Yellowstone affected the elk population's patterns and behaviors. Many people believe that the fear of being eaten is what drives animals away. However, this theory is not completely true. The Yellowstone elk population was thriving, but the wolves' return impacted it on many different levels.
Yong wrote, "Seen through the eyes of an elk, the physical terrain is overlaid with a mental map of risk, complete with "mountains" where the odds of being eaten are high and they must be constantly vigilant, and "valleys" of relative safety where they can lower their guard." (Yong ll 17-19) John Laundre referred to this as "landscape of fear". Yong stated, "Time and again it has...
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