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Topics: Nicholas Sparks, Love, Gospel of John Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: October 15, 2014
 Dear John
By: Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas sparks was born on December 31, 1965 in Nebraska. He was the middle child in his family, his older brother is Michael Earl Sparks and his younger sister is Danielle Sparks who died at the age of 33 of a brain tumor. Seven of Nicholas books have been made into movies and they are a message in the bottle, A walk to remember, The notebook, Nights in rodanthe, Dear John, Last song, The lucky one and Safe haven. In total Nicholas has wrote eighteen books in all, Dear John being his twelfth book he had wrote at the time. Nicholas Sparks wrote Dear John October 2006 and published it on August 2007. He wrote Dear John to show that not all love works out sometimes and you just have to do what is right and stick to what you believe in. The book starts off in Wilmington North Carolina, where John Tyree is sitting on the sand near the beach. He sees Savannah Lynn Curtis with her friends and he believes she looks beautiful. Then one of her friends hits her purse and it falls into the water, John sees it and he jumps into the water to get it. Once he gets out she thanks him and invites him to a party were they are building a house with her church group and this is where they connect and fall in love. In days they become boyfriend and girlfriend and also in two weeks john has to go back to the marines and savannah has to go back to college. But before they leave she tells John that whenever he sees the moon look up at it because she will be looking up at it to and that’s when he will know that they are together at that very moment. Throughout the time they are not together physically they write to each other. John writes to not only her but his father, who he doesn’t get along with very well. While John visits her in college days later 9/11 happens and he has to head back right away. Months pass without physically seeing each other...
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