satire in gulliver's travel

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Gulliver’s travel was one of the famous satirist novels written in 1726 by the most famous satirist in all JOHNATHAN SWIFT.” before understanding the novel and the satire hidden in the novel, we can explain the satire as, “Satire is a technique employed by writer to expose and criticize the corruption and injustice of an individual and also in the society” Swift wrote a lot of satiric pieces such as “the tale of tub “which is the satire on corruption in religion and learning he also wrote political pamphlets and also work in the journal “examiner” who was anti Whigs. He mostly seem to be dissatisfied with the society and with the political parties in England he was first himself belongs to the party of Whigs which was the ruling party in England but after tolerating the malevolence act he joined the party of Tories and then wrote a lots of satiric pieces specially on Whigs. Gulliver’s travel is also the chain of swift’s satiric novel. It is divided into four parts in which “Gulliver” is used as “the mask” or “personification” used by swift. It’s the character which went on different voyages and experienced different things while reading the novel explicitly it shows that it is written for the children but when we read it implicitly we found a lot of criticism of the people, custom, laws and most important the dirty politics of England for that purpose John gay said about this novel,

“It (novel) is universally read, from the cabinet council to the nursery” As far as the book four is concerned swift aggression reached at the height. He describe human as the wild and bloody natured “Yahoos” while describe his personal perfect idea about human through “Houyhnhnms” who were calm, peaceful, non materialistic and benevolent in nature. In the voyage of part four Gulliver went to the land of houyhnhnms where he found horses like a human. Swift had used juvenalian satire in this part. And the satire was not only on the England but also on mankind As “thrackeray” conclude about the harsh satire of book four, Gulliver’s travels that, “Swift is a monster who is gibbering, shrieks and gnashing imprecation against men kind” There is a discussion is going on between the Gulliver and the Master of houyhnhnm, he describe about the people of Europe state to the master.  Gulliver tries to explain the concept of greed to the Master Horse and continues telling his master about the vices of the English people. He claims that England grows enough food to support its population comfortably, but because they want luxury, they must export what they grow in exchange for things that they don't need. And the luxuries include wine, rich food, too much sex. Gulliver describe that England produces three times as much food as its inhabitant could consume but most is exported in return for import of luxury foods that satisfy the greed and vice of wealthy people. An example is wine which only serves to create illness and early death. He tells him that human abuse their bodies through harmful habit that disrupt digestion and through sexual relations with prostitute the disease are passed down through generation. Gulliver also describe about the doctor of his time. Some diseases he says are imaginary and the doctor have invented imaginary cures for them. Doctors make so much profit on disease that they encourage people to think that they are sick even they aren’t. In the case of serious disease the doctor predicts death. The Master Horse wanted to know about the Minister of states then the Gulliver describe the qualities of chief Minister is totally without any emotion besides ambition for money and power which needed in the chief of Minister are : 1) To know how to get rid of an inconvenient wife, daughter , or sister; 2) To betray the Minister who has come before you;

3) To shout endlessly against corruption at court (though, of course, Ministers always lie). And the minister preserves himself in power by bribing Members of Parliament. The Houyhnhnm...

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