Sanity on the Basis of Semantical Principle

Topics: Perception, Sense, Punk rock Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: September 24, 2008
Sanity… subjective? Why is it so often regarded as a societal norm when sanity is rarely achieved in its essence by Hayakawa's standards? How possible is it for one to realize sanity whilst concurrently maintaining assimilation via a "normal" fashion into mainstream society? Who is this anomalistic "fully functional individual" and what specific qualities characterize her as such?" What constitutes "sanity?" According to Hayakawa's definition of a well-adjusted individual, a sane person is not one of whom conforms emotionally with his particular surroundings as the "normal" intensional (yes intensional; NOT intentional. They're different) definition indicates, rather, one of whom is an effective member of that society but does not allow himself to become the actual society in and of itself. For instance, the sane individual can have a great affinity for punk rock music whilst not succumbing to the punk rock style of clothing. Wielding such qualities as the ability to differentiate between symbols and that which they symbolize (map and territory,) the sane person can also recognize the fact that not everyone around her is "sane" as well, and she consequently acts in accordance with her given label. The sane individual has not the intention of projecting her saneness onto others of which do not possess the mental capacity to grasp her sane perspective; rather, she accepts this and carries on accordingly. She acknowledges the fact that she is indeed aware of the surrounding population and its lack of sane quality, and acts in such a way as to proceed in social conventions with humility and grace. The fully functioning person recognizes that the symbol is not that which is symbolized, rather, perceives and operates in such a manner as to judge in terms of extensional meaning in lieu of intentional perception. She would not equate the representation, the American flag, with the quality, patriotism. The sane individual has the...
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