Samuel Colt

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Samuel Colt

Samuel Colt was born in Hartford Connecticut on July 19, 1814. His father Christopher Colt was a farmer who later moved his family to Connecticut after becoming a business man. His mother Sarah Colt had died from tuberculosis when Samuel was seven years old. His father had remarried two years later to Olivia Sargent. He had three sisters one that sadly died when she was just a child, the oldest of the three had died of tuberculosis when she was at the age of nineteen and Sarah Ann committed suicide later in her life. He also had three brothers one James who ended up becoming a lawyer and Christopher became a textile merchant and his brother John who actually had many occupations killed a creditor in the year 1841 in New York City and was found guilty of the murder and ended up committing suicide on the scheduled day of his execution. His mother’s father was an officer in the Continental Army. Samuel’s earliest possession was his grandfather’s flintlock pistol. When he was eleven years he was sent to a farm in Glastonbury where he had to do chores and attended school. At school he was shown the “Compendium of Knowledge” which is a scientific encyclopedia that he liked to read rather than his Bible studies. In this encyclopedia he found articles about gunpowder that ended up motivating Samuel throughout his lifetime. He also found that people in this encyclopedia had

invented things that people claimed to be impossible which inspired him to do the same. He later heard a couple soldiers talking about the success of the Double-barreled rifle and what seemed to be impossible finding a gun that could shoot five or six rounds without having to reload the gun. Samuel Colt then decided that he was going to create this impossible gun. In 1829 when Samuel was at the age of fifteen he started working at his father’s textile plant which was in Ware, Massachusetts and there he had access to all the tools, materials and machines that he would need to create this impossible gun. By fallowing the encyclopedia he had built a galvanic cell which is electrochemical cell that develops electrical energy from impulsive redox reaction taking place within the cell. He showed this chemical reaction on the fourth of July by attempting to blow up a raft but he missed and even though he missed it was still impressive. When Colt was sent to boarding school he entertained his class with his interest in pyrotechnics. On Fourth of July in the year 1830 a fire ended his time at school. After that his father sent him to learn the seaman’s trade in Calcutta, while on the voyage to Calcutta he discovered the clutch that could be used to hold the gun. Colt had made a wooden model of the” pepperbox revolver” out of scrap wood that he had found on the ship. Colts model differed from the actual gun because it would allow the shooter to rotate the cylinder by cocking the hammer and locking the cylinder in place, rather than rotating the barrels by hand. In 1832 when Colt had returned to the United States from Calcutta he went to work for his father who had funded the production of two guns that are used today called the riffle and the pistol. The very first pistol that was ever invented had exploded when it was fired. Samuel had learned about nitrous oxide otherwise known as laughing gas from the chemist that had worked in his father’s factory. He had made a portable lab and would end up performing demonstrations of his new discovery of laughing gas across the United States and he even traveled to what is known today as Canada. Colt had saved some money from all the shows that he had done with his nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) he had made preparations to begin building his...

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Samuel Colt
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