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Topics: Fiction, Short story, Plot Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Sample Lesson Plan #4 - Secondary English|
Subject: English - Writing| Topic: Short Stories|
Objectives: Students will be able to define the elements of plot: exposition, inciting incident, conflict ,climax, resolution.| CCCS – Cumulative Progress Indicator: 3.2 - Curriculum Goal 4.1| Materials: Text-Prentice Hall Literature/Platinum Level, Overhead projector, writing journals, pencils| Instructional Strategies|

Teacher’s/Teacher Aide's Actions:- Teacher provides information through lecture/discussion on ‘elements of plot’. - Teacher explains how our lives are made up of little stories, little episodes we tell other people about. - Examples are what you did over the weekend, something exciting that happened to you at practice, what you saw on TV, etc.

- Question: Can you think of ‘little’ stories from your life? (Illicit student responses) - Teacher Aide: repeats question to student(s) (individual or small groups. Encourage student participation. - Teacher provides information through lecture and graphic organizers, identifying how the story starts from the beginning, middle, and the end of the story. Authors of stories and novels tell stories the same way, exposition, inciting incident, conflict, climax, and resolution. These things are called ‘elements of plot’. Question: What are the ‘elements of plot’? - Teacher Aide: repeats question to individual/small groups. Encourage student(s) participation. Procedures:- Teacher (modeling) outlines (on overhead) elements of plot as students provide ‘feedback’. All students outline same in journals.

- Teacher Aide: assists individual/small groups with outlining in journals.| Accommodations/Modifications by Teacher &/or Aide|
Teacher’s Actions:Students break up into pairs, each person will take turns telling a short story. The listener will jot down: A) where story is taken place B) the events that lead to conflict C) intensifies during the rising action D)the high point of interest or suspense...
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