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1.1 Introduction
Malaysia’s Matriculation Programmed is a pre-university programmed for Malaysian students to qualify then to do Degree Programmed in various field of Science and Technology in both local and overseas universities. The duration for this pre-university programmed is only one or two years.

Actually, for matriculation student’s that have programmed one year, the programmed actually not in one year but only 10 months. So, matriculation students did not have enough time to focus on their studies and play the sports or do the physical activities. In seem goes like what happening at Kolej MARA Kulim (KMK).

Many of KMK’s students refuse to get involved in physical activities and sports because of this matter. In 10 months they need to cover all their studies and get an excellent result to enter the university in their favorite course. Many of students think that co-curriculum is not important and did not have benefit to them. Actually, co-curriculum has many benefits for student. Besides, the co-curricular aspect will contributes 10% in their merit.

They think that they do not have enough time to study and do those activities is just waste their time. In early morning until the evening, they have class and busy with their own business. They need to finished their assignment before the deadline and submit it to the lecturer on time. They do not have much time to play sport or do the physical activities.

Furthermore, at KMK, the facilities are not enough and did not attract students to get involved with sport or physical activities. In KMK we only have tennis court, badminton court, and field. Actually, at KMK we have rugby field but the condition is not in well. It’s not suitable for student to play at that field. So, it make student do not interested to play sports and do the physical activities. KMK is a small college and old. So, it did not have gymnasium or mini stadium to attract the students to play sport and do the...
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