Sam Walton - Life of an Entrepreneur

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Profile of an Entrepreneur
Nick Jensen
Grand Canyon University
ENT 420 – New Venture Financing
January 26th, 2011

Profile of an Entrepreneur
For this assignment, I have chosen to do research on, and write about one of the most famous and successful entrepreneurs and businessmen in America; Sam Walton (1918-1992), who is known for his two big business successes Wal-mart and Sam’s club. In the early years of Sam Walton’s life, he lived with his parents on a farm, but Walton’s father decided to move to Missouri to pursue his former career as a banker. Even though the family moved around, Walton kept his focus on his studies and sports which, already back then, had a lot to say about his mentality and center of attention. Sam Walton did not grow up having it easy. His parents made him do chores at home which conflicted with his school work and sports performance. He grew up during the Great Depression which forced the family to always find the cheapest way to survive and make a living. His parents made him milk the cows and deliver milk and newspapers. His childhood must have taught him a lot, and he learned that wealth, fortune and success don’t come easy. You have to work hard to be successful, and this philosophy that he learned already as a child, must have been a great motivator through his life to achieve and succeed. It taught him how to stand on his own feet and revealed to him the asset of individualism which is another great quality that an entrepreneur must acquire. When he graduated from high school he went to college in search of an education that eventually would help him support his family. Sam Walton was a member of the ROTC program, had several jobs and joined numerous prestigious fraternities, and he was well known as an extraordinary and respectable student. He graduated from college with an economics degree, and later joined the military where he was sent out on duty during World War II. The...

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