Sales and Inventory

Topics: Marketing, Consultative selling, Grocery store Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: September 9, 2013
The proposed system aims to provide the Grocery Store an effective and efficienct sales and Inventory System that will increase the production of the store. The proponents developed a system that will fit the needs of the users that has a specific task in the store. If also aims to provide the user to have easy and accurate information as they will use a computerized system. The proponents are now developing computerized sales and inventory for the store. The following will benefits from the study. MANAGER

From the manual operation, the manager is the one who handles the purchasing of products, reordering and returning items that are already expired and damaged. The manager computes the daily, monthly and yearly sales of the store. To help of the proposed system that the proponents will be developing, the manager can easily monitor the accurate and exact information of their sales reports such as daily, monthly and yearly sales and also their inventory reports. The manager access the transaction in updating records and reports of products in determining the sales of the store. By implementing the system, the manager can easily identify and monitor the products that are going to purchase and to reorder. The manager will also monitor the returning items such as expired and damaged from the selling area and the stock room.
The cahier is the one who get the payments from the customer’s product purchased. From the manual computation, cashier used calculator in getting the totla amount of customer’s product purcahased.

With the help of the implementation of the proposed system, the cashier will be benifited by simply clicking all the products and it will automatically gives accurate computation of product purchased. It will also help to minimize mistakes and the sales transaction will be...
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