Saint George and the Dragon

Topics: Byzantine art, Painting, Christian art Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: August 18, 2010
Saint George and the Dragon

The painting of Saint George and the Dragon is a very good example of Byzantine art. One reason is because it is a religious painting and also because there is a halo around his head. This painting also has lots of colorful colors and bright oranges and golf leaf which are reminiscent of Byzantine art. Byzantine artists usually painted saints or other religious figures. In the paintings the figures were always standing alone or next to another person. In this painting Saint George is on a horse fighting or killing a dragon. Saint George is show in a bigger scale compared to the dragon that is smaller. He is being shown as if he is of greater power. The dragon is really small and it looks afraid. Saint George throws a spear at the dragon and defeats him. This is unusual for a Byzantine painting because most of them only had people standing in profile but in this case there is a dragon and a horse and it shows Saint George in action. The painting shows a round halo behind the head of Saint George that is painted in with a gold leaf. Most of the saints that were painted at that time had a golden halo behind their head. This halo is bright and it stands out from behind Saint George. The painting has a bright color of orange, the color is not dull, and it still holds the original color; it looks as if it was just painted. The painting of Saint George is done on a rectangular piece of wood. This painting was probably once part of a wall and was cut out to preserve it. Most of the Byzantine art was done on walls with mosaics or paint. Therefore, it would be a possibility that this painting was once a part of a wooden wall.
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