Safe Haven Book Letter

Topics: Character, Protagonist, Antagonist Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Dear Mrs. Polatsidis,
I am reading the novel, Safe Haven, written by the author of 5 best-selling books, Nicolas Sparks. This story takes place in Southport, a city in Brunswick Country, North Carolina. This is imperative to the story because Southport is typically a small area where everybody knows everybody. This becomes important in the story because it helps all the characters eventually connect with each other once they are able to find out information from other characters. This also helped Katie learn to love where she lives and gives her a sense of satisfaction of having something of her own, which is explained to the reader in chapter two, “it was the first time in her life that she had a place to call her own.” This is important and kind of gives a little bit of background about Katie in the sense that growing up she didn’t have much and this really symbolizes her starting over again. Living in a small town, many secrets aren’t kept which could potentially become a problem for some of the main characters. For example, Katie really isn’t open about what her reason is for moving to Southport besides her saying over and over again which is introduced as one of the first things she says to Jo after she asks, “Why on earth would you do that?” she isn’t able to give Jo a real response. This gives the reader a feeling that she is hiding something and gets me anxious to continue to read. If I were able to change where this story takes place, I probably wouldn’t do so because the fact that they live in a small unknown makes it even more interesting and raise curiosity for others as to why one of the main characters moved there.

So far in the novel I have read about twelve characters. Some important, others not. The character that has stuck out in my mind the most is convenience store owner, Alex Wheatley. Alex not only seems like a good person, he also is a good store-owner, a loving and caring father,...
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