Sacrifice Of Iphigenia

Topics: Trojan War, Helen, Agamemnon Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: November 14, 2014
Nadine Fadelle
Nick Courtright
September 26, 2013
Sacrifice of Iphigenia
Sacrificing Iphigenia was based on Agamemnon’s decision to fight or not to fight. Since he wanted to fight he had to sacrifice his daughter; however, he did not have to fight, he chose to. Some may think that Agamemnon was faced with a tough decision: to fight with his brother and lose his daughter, or being able to keep his daughter and let his brother fight in Troy alone. Agamemnon’s daughter, Iphigenia had to be sacrificed in order for the ships to fleet to retaliate against Paris and Helen. Arguments could go back and forth debating on whether or not what Agamemnon did was right or wrong. On one end, people might debate that what Agamemnon was honorable in a sense that by sacrificing his daughter, it would allow them to move forward into fighting and ensuring that the Greek would win (because they Achilles on their side). On the other hand, others might say that sacrificing his daughter was wrong morally and uncalled for. Agamemnon was known to be a selfish man who seemed to not care too much about his actions and how they affected others. Even though some stories say she might not have died, the thought of a father sacrificing his daughter just to fight a war he might lose or even worse, be killed in, is so egotistical. When reading the story, it is hard to picture Iphigenia anything but mad and betrayed by his father’s actions, especially since he lied to get her there. Agamemnon was obviously not a family man because if he was, he would not even have had the idea in his head; he was so drawn and worked up into fighting in a battle that was not even his that he lost his daughter.
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