Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye

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That is knowledge which Liberates! Dear friends, do you know the meaning of this famous “Sanskrit” quotation? I’ll explain it to you.

Generally we call vidya to everything which gives some knowledge. There are many types of vidya which we can learn in this world. Among these, one is अध्यात्म विद्या. And according to the scriptures “अध्यात्म विद्या” alone liberates the human being. One can get Mukti from this world, Because of knowing & experiencing the अध्यात्म विद्या.

The meaning of getting “Mukti” is not dying, but getting true knowledge of Atman & Paramatman. It is like waking up from a dream. Because after getting Mukti a human being knows that everything we experience in this world is like a dream & it is not true. And so, I am different from what I feel or think now in this world. I am Aatman & not what I am called by everybody.

The person who is mukta, is called the “Enlightened One” (Aatmasaakshaatkaari). That means He knows this world as a play or a dream. He fully knows that this sharir / deh is not me, I am Atman. Like in a dream nobody can do anything to me because nobody knows me, who I am. Dream is an illusion. In our dream anything can happen anywhere & we are present everywhere, we know everything, we are saakshi of every moment in the dream, because it is our dream. Likewise in this world also what we experience is our own experience. "Pindi Te Brahmaandi" Pind experiences only what is his feelings & nothing else like we experience in a dream. Each one's life is special for that pind. Experience of two persons are never the same. Each & every person think differently. "Pinde Pinde matirbhinnaa " Each person has got different mati. It is a long process for a pind to achieve mukti As our saints say the pind has to undergo 84 lacs of births for mukti. That is why we have to try for mukti in this very birth. Because nardeh only can try for mukti.

Simple Meaning Of Mukti :
When we are awake from a dream we understand that we were watching a dream in our sleep. And nothing has happened as seen in the dream. It was my illusion. In the dream, I was thinking all (which is happening there) as a real. I was experiencing all that with attachment, but now I’m awake from that illusion & now I can understand that I am different from what I was in my dream. That’s why whatever I had experienced in the dream was everything false & I understand now that nothing has happened to me.

In the same way what we experience here in this world is not happening to me because I am very different from what I’m experiencing here as myself. This body, my name, my family, my status, my education, my colour, my looks, my habits, my home…..all these things are not mine. I am very different from all these things. I am Atman which is bound in this deh. When this deh will be perished / dead all these things will disappear & only I (the Aatman) will remain.

Atman has to try to come out or to be free from this deh without any harm to this body that is called mukti. This is an exact meaning of mukti. When the Atman comes out of this deh without any damage to it, it is mukti from this world. He can have the knowledge of all Brahmand that means he can have gyan of everything like divine. He will be totally blissful, all pervading, omnipotent. All the God’s adjectives can be put before his name. Atmagyani saints are all mukta, as they have seen their own Atman out of their body in this very birth.

If man / human being has got this capacity to see the Atman out of his body (Aatmasaakshaatkaar) & be free from all bondages, then why not try for the same, in this very birth? Easiest Way For Attaining Mukti :

हा जन्म आहे मुक्ति मिळवण्याचा हा जन्म आहे भक्ति करण्याचा हा जन्म नाही पुन्हा……

Bhakti is the easiest way towards mukti. The person who does bhakti becomes pure minded.

Mind has the power or potential to pure itself when it comes into contact with God. When mind comes in contact with God,...
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