Rx For Survival Video Analysis

Topics: Malaria, Life, Mosquito Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: May 11, 2014
 1 Advanced Biology
April 4, 2014
Rx for Survival
Mosquitos are the deadliest vector on Earth, meaning that they carry many different types of viruses. In order to control the rapid spreading of these viruses through mosquitos, different groups of people started to use different pesticides to kill the insects carrying the viruses since it mutates too quickly in order to create a vaccine for many, such as Malaria or The West Nile Virus. One benefit of using pesticides to kill the mosquitos is that it helps to bring down the spreading of viruses since the vector is destroyed. This allows crops to grow quickly without insects and the viruses they carry from killing of the crops. The increase in the amount of crops causes the prices of the crops to come down, both stimulating the economy. A second benefit is that the use of pesticides creates jobs, which also stimulates the economy. One thing that is bad about the use of pesticides is that people can ingest the pesticides and it could cause illness and in some cases, death. Another bad thing about the use of pesticides is that pesticides can destroy the environment by killing more things than they are supposed to, interfering with the food chain leading to the death of other species. I do not support the use of pesticides because they lead to the death of humans and other species which I do not believe is an acceptable activity if people are dying and the environment is being destroyed by the use of them. There are good things about the use of pesticides, but there are also many drawbacks to using it.
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