Topics: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Serbs Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: June 3, 2013
Jordan Maher 5/03/12 Communism is a style of government that has had major effects on the modern world. When communism fell it changed a lot of regions in Europe and Asia and caused a large surge in nationalism which in turn helped many countries gain independence. One place where the fall of communism had major effects and caused extreme nationalism is the Balkan region where communist Yugoslavia was. The fall of communist Yugoslavia was a major event in the Balkans region. Mainly controlled by the Serbians, Yugoslavia was made up of Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia. As the USSR crumbled Yugoslavia went with it. Without communist rule holding the country together, extreme nationalism and tension between ethnic groups caused the Serbians to lose grip on the more distant Slovenia and Croatia. Soon these countries started to fight for independence; Slovenia gained its freedom within ten days and although it took much longer Croatia gained its independence from the Serbs afterwards. The largest problem came when Bosnia wanted to separate from the Serbs and these battles for independence soon became genocide behind the Serbian belief of ethnic cleansing. The UN tried to cutoff trade with the Balkans to put an end to the war but ended up just assisting the Serbians because they retained support from what remained of the USSR. After years of UN peace talks in 1994 the Croats and Muslims accepted the western peace plan but it was not until one year more and 200,000 lives lost that a Croatian offensive pushed the Serbs back into Serbia. Many countries which had been communist were crumbling with the USSR; Yugoslavia was one of these countries. Without communism the country of Yugoslavia fell into chaos and ethnic wars. The fall of communism in the 1990’s had major effects on the world and the fall of Yugoslavia was a prime example of this.
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