Rubber Industry Feasibility Study

Topics: Extrusion, Environmental impact assessment, Following Pages: 4 (968 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Products made from rubber are considered very widespread due to applications in all industries, & because it’s one of the complementary industries of many industrial products. This project provides technical and economic study of a factory that produces specific samples of these products, which we call here as the sectors of rubber. Examples of these sectors, many of the parts necessary spare parts in addition to the rubber rings, known as the (Orange O-rings) and the first-mentioned parts are considered parts of the anti-slip - while the rubber rings used in tightening the link and not leak. Second: the need to build this project

Products of this project from the products segment marketing high-that is, they quick consumption and also increasingly in demand in many sectors of industry, especially in car maintenance in addition to use as some parts of heavy equipment and other machinery, hydraulic machinery, and although there are some local factories which manufacture these parts only that the demand increase by high every year - and is completing the requirements of the market through imports and local market needs more than one project to complete these requirements. Third: Raw Materials

Raw materials necessary for the production of these parts is different compounds of rubber and different rates of materials used in manufacturing according to the required specifications of the product. On this basis, most of the parts listed need to the following combination of basic raw materials, namely: |

Fourth: Products
Examples of products of this project are summarized as follows: * Cover for brake and clutch pedals for all types and models of cars. * Rubber for windshield wipers in cars.
* Rubber for car doors.
* Rubber mats for cars of different sizes.
* Rubber for door refrigerators, washing machines, automatic and regular. * Hoses made of plastic rubber.
* O-Ring clips.
Fifth: the technical elements of the...
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