Roots of Resistance

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Slavery, African American history Pages: 4 (1602 words) Published: December 8, 2005
Film Analysis: Roots of Resistance a Story of the Underground Railroad

In the movie Roots of Resistance a Story of the Underground Railroad, the filmmaker makes some very strong points. He made the movie in a way that portrays his specific opinion and views on the Underground Railroad. If a viewer didn't know what the movie was about they may have guessed it would have been a very different kind of movie based on the title. After watching the movie in its entirety you realize that the movie was made to generate a very different view on the Underground Railroad. In this movie the idea behind the Underground Railroad is that it was solely in the control of the slaves. From other sources (elementary and high school text books) we grow up being taught that the Underground Railroad was a route constructed by several freed blacks, several white abolitionists and sympathetic people along the way. This film teaches otherwise, it showed how slaves got the urge to escape, how they planned escapes and how they finally did escape. The movie gives sole credit for the Underground Railroad to the slaves, where it truly belongs, because in the end the slaves were the ones who chose to run, no one forced them.

Throughout the movie the filmmaker uses several types of evidence to prove his thesis. The main type of evidence was resistance. The whole movie is based on the idea of slave resistance. He defines clearly the different ways the slaves used resistance to have some sort of control over their lives. These different forms of resistance such as not working up to their potential, running away for several days, and holding secret religious meetings all helped and provided the inspiration the slaves needed to want to escape. Resistance was the push the slaves created to make a better life for themselves. This evidence strongly establishes the idea that slaves had control over the Underground Railroad. It proves how resistance caused and was the beginning of the Underground...
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