Rooms Division Operation Management

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Rooms Division operation Management
Higher National Diploma In Hospitality Management|

Bheemuck Chuvinee Neha & Emile Natacha Sandrine

We would take this opportunity to first of all, express our words of gratitude to Mr Armooghum, who has been present for our queries. He has helped us a lot in solving confusions. The lectures have been helpful for the assignment, which have been one of the motivating factors. We would also like to thank the organizations or rather the members of the staff who have enormously contributed by filling the questionnaires and giving their personal views and information on the topic. Thank you

Table of Figures7
1.1 Discuss and Evaluate the accommodation and receptions services offered in the chosen organizations.12
Housekeeping Department12
Front Office Department12
1.1.2 Accomodation14
1.1.3 Front office18
1.2Provide a suitable analysis of the roles and responsibilities of the rooms division staff (From management level to operational level) (1.2). Evaluate the departmental staffing structure and propose realistic improvements. (D 1)22

1.3 Discuss the legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division operations. (1.3)32
2.1 Asses the importance of the front of the house to effective management of the rooms division45
2.1.1: The Different sections in a hotel.45
2.1.2: What is the meant by back of the house and front of the house?45
2.1.3: The Different department of the front of the house area.45
2.1.4 How the Front of the house area helps in the effective management of rooms division?45
2.2 Discuss the key aspects of planning and management of the front of the house area for onr of the chosen organization (2.2). Apply relevant theories and a range of methods and techniques in the discussion analyzing the department plan, working procedures, control methods etc. (M2)48

3.1 Asess the importance of property interiors design (Rooms) to effective management. Propose realistic improvements and recommendations for any one of the chosen organizations.51
3.1.1 What is property and interior design?51
3.1.2 Those implicate in interior design.51
3.1.3 The importance of property interiors and design.51
3.1.4 Use of Property interior and desing. Interior design as a marketing strategy.52
Services available.59
3.2 Discuss the critical aspects of planning and management of the housekeeping functions in any one organization. Apply relevant theories and a range of methods and techniques in the discussion like Standard Operating Procedures, housekeeping planning etc.67

3.2.1 The importance of planning?67

3.2.2 Meaning of Management69
3.2.3 Planning of the housekeeping at Anahita.71
3.2.4 Management in the housekeeping department of Anahita?73
3.3 Analyze the key operational issues affecting the effective management and business performance of the housekeeping function for a given operation. Explore complex, problems with more than one variable.75


Table of Figures

Figure 1: colors in the beach villa……………………………………………….51 Figure 2: Terrace with slates tiles………………………………………………..61
Figure 3: Open Bathroom……………………………………………………… 62


Through this assignment, what will be analyzed and observe is the the Rooms Division Operation Management. The Rooms Division operation consists of the Front office and the Housekeeping department. Each department is analyzed in such a way to determine its strength and weaknesses. For this assignment, 3 hotels has been selected; Four Seasons, Anahita, and Sands.


To be able to get information, different methods has been analyzed and then used before collecting information.
Methods that have been used:
Qualitative and...
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