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The Effects of Television Violence
What is violence?
Do you think that children who watch violence on television will show violent behavior? What about the terrible tragedies in which kidstv kill other kids, why? Many studies have been done to answer the question of television violence and its effects on children. Studies have been done by scientists, pediatricians, and child researchers in many countries over the last thirty years. These studies have tried to find out what it is about television violence that makes it such a big influence on the way kids act and behave. Television violence causes aggressive behavior in children

Television can be profoundly influential in shaping an impressionable child or adolescent's values, attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors. Television reaches children at a younger age and for more time than any other socializing influence, except family. The average child spends 25 hours a week watching television, more time than they spend in school or engaged in any other activity except sleep. Is it any wonder then that children so readily absorb the messages that are presented to them? TV violence has been related to the aggressive behavior in children, although it is not clear how much of an impact TV violence actually has. This is because children most affected by TV violence are those already at risk for violent behavior. Other individual and family factors may be the other cause for violent behavior. Children who are already aggressive or have an aggressive nature are attracted to and tend to watch more violent TV. Some children become "unfeeling" to the horror of violence and become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others. They may gradually accept violence as a way to solve problems. They may imitate the violence they observe on TV and behave in aggressive or harmful ways toward others. Also, they may become more fearful of the world around them. Conclusion

Television is make-believe. The people in the stories...
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