roles within a family

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My family consists of my Mum and her partner and my dad and his Partner. Due to separation I live with my mum mainly, but I still see my dad occasionally and stay at his house. I also spend a considerable amount of time with my grandparents; I stay with them usually 3 times during the school week. Despite some complications in my family in relation to the relationship between my dad and mum , and also my mum and her parents ,I feel that my mother and grandmother are the people I am closest to in my family. Our family interacts normally within the wider society, my mother works as a nurse that travels to other people’s homes to give them care, so she regularly interacts with many different people in our society. I interact within the wider society working at my part time job at the chemist; this gives me an opportunity to get to know many people in the community. I interact with my friends inside at school. I am involved in the local tennis club, and attend training nearly every week on Tuesday and Friday. My life is balanced between school and my family interactions and my interactions with the community. Although a lot of my time is spent with my boyfriend, at school and outside of school as we attend tennis together and also spending time apart from those things together. Roles and status

Within my family I have a fair amount of responsibility. I live at home and have a job so I provide money for myself on a weekly basis as well as being given pocket money by my grandparents on a monthly basis. My role in our household is to take share in duties with my mother such as cleaning, cooking and washing. Both my parents expect a lot of respect to be given to them from me, growing up an only child I was always interacting with adults, and I have a pretty free roam, and have a lot of freedom. At school my role is to do the best I can, and not disrupt others from learning. I am also expected to set a good example for the junior students, who look up to...
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