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Jake Viner
PS 339
Role of the UN Research Paper

The topic I have chosen to extensively research upon and analyze is the role of the United Nations. The main goal of my research paper is not only to convey the actual duties, and principles of the United Nations, but also to relate its effectiveness to International Law and rate its success as an organization of the international community. This goal will be reached by conducting an in depth analysis of the many facets the UN entails. I will begin by demonstrating how the UN came into power due to the futile organization, which was called the League of Nations. Subsequently, the purpose of the UN will be explored to portray its standards and policies, which are originated from the UN Charter. My research has brought my attention to describe the six different organs that make up the organization along with the United Nations main priorities, which include peacekeeping and the settlement of disputes, next. After analyzing the actual function and responsibility of the UN, I will go on to interpret the overall effectiveness of the organization by taking into account major criticisms, and comparing it to its predecessor, The League of Nations, which shows the relevant improvements that have been made. By the end of my research paper, the facts explored will yield the personal opinion of mine that the UN is not successful in carrying out the principles and functions of the Charter, which renders it ineffective.
The reason for the United Nations establishment showed the failure of the League of Nations and its unsuccessful stride for collective effort and security. The creation of the UN is due to a large degree based upon the terms of the Covenant of the League of Nations and its failure to promote peace along with the failure to prevent the Second World War. The UN was established following the conclusion of the Second World War and in light of Allied intentions expressed during that conflict.

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