Role of Music in Our Life

Topics: Psychology, Brain, Music Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: October 6, 2010
From the time of birth, humans have an ingrained appreciation for music, unlike any other animal. Music means something different to every individual. It works as a means of learning, relaxation, and fun. An active participation in listening to and performing music is beneficial to everyone throughout the different cultures of the world.

Biologically, music is embedded in the brain. When the brain is scanned, both hemispheres respond to melodies and rhythm, while language is only present in the left hemisphere. When music is heard, the brain processes it using a method called working memory. This means that incoming messages are compared to stored information. To comprehend music, the sensory system, perceptual system, cognitive system, motor system, pleasure system, and storage system are all used. Common belief that applies to all aspects of knowledge is the "use it or lose it" theory where if a part of the brain is not used for an extended period of time, it devolves and becomes virtually useless. Listening to music causes neurons to fire at rapid rates, and without listening to music these neurons turn off, sometimes forever. For our brain to be fully functional, music must be part of our daily lives.

It seems that we gain our interest in music hereditarily. Infants do not respond to language, but recognize melodies recited by their mothers. Playing music for infants in their first year provides for enhancement and benefit in future education. They are capable of differentiating between two notes of music, separating melodies into segments, and understand rhythm just as well as adults. Listening to music at an early age helps children learn language, reading fundamentals, creativity, social interaction, and increases their self-esteem.

As children grow, the need for music also grows. They feel that music is a part of everyday life. Children use it in social interaction, games, learning, expression, and developing relationships. It acts as an exercise...
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