Roger and Me: Proposal and Report Writing

Topics: Michael Moore, Roger & Me, Flint, Michigan Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Roger and Me
Proposal and Report Writting

The film Roger and me, by Michael Moore shows why our society is so critically flawed. Moore uses dialect throughout the film to show the true face of reality we call capitalism. It was filmed more than 20 years ago now and as sad as it is we still do see the reality of what can happen to an entire town when a plant or large corporation is moved away or closed down. Michael Moore is disguised as a TV journalist who interviews autoworkers in his hometown of Flint Michigan, after the GM plant closes down. In this documentary his goal is to interview GM’s chairman Roger B. Smith. Throughout the documentary he interviews some of the citizens of Flint to find out how they feel about Roger and the closing of the plant. In the documentary I see a town falling apart. Moore interviews a woman who skins and sells rabbit meat to make a living. The sheriff of the town worked for GM for 17 years before becoming the sheriff. His job as the sheriff is to go around the town telling people that they are being evicted from there homes. Even with an authoritative job he has to face the depressing turn the town has taken. In the one scene an entire family is being kicked out of their home. They are yelling and screaming at each other as they bring all their furniture and belongings to the street curb. Due to the fact the people of Flint have no money the crime rate has increased. Money magazine names Flint the worst place to live in America. This causes an outrage and the town stages a rally to burn the magazine. I found the film to be amusing with the funny quirts of Michael Moore. It portrays the true sadness behind what really happened in a humorous way. In reality the true story behind the humor of the film is depressing considering this entire town is losing all the opportunities they have ever had. In the one scene of the documentary it flips back and forth from the GM Christmas program to a family being evicted. This cross cut...

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