Rodeo Events

Topics: Rodeo, Rodeo events, Saddle bronc and bareback riding Pages: 3 (495 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Charlie Seekon

General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about standard rodeo events Thesis Statement/Central Idea: There are six standard rodeo events, three in the timed category and three in the riding category.

I. Experience or knowledge with horses?
II. Inform about standard rodeo events
III. Three timed events, three riding events
IV. Participated in and spectated many rodeos
V. 6 events
I. Timed events
A. Steer wrestling
B. Calf roping
C. Team roping
II. Riding events
A. Bareback riding
B. Saddle bronco riding
C. Bull riding (wrangling)

Transition: First, let’s examine the riding events.

I. Three Riding Events- difference is weight of cow
A. Steer Wrestling
1. 450-700 lbs calf released from chute
2. Hazer- keeps steer running straight, Dogger- wrestles the steer 3. Time is stopped when calf is tied on its side B. Calf Roping
1. 200-400 lbs calf released from chute
2. One rider; horse keeps line tight for rider to tie 3. Time is stopped when calf is tied
C. Team Roping
1. Full grown Cows
2. Header- ropes horns, heeler- ropes hind legs 3. Time is stopped when hind legs are roped

Transition: The riding events of rodeo originated from entertainment on the cattle range.

II. Riding events do not involve wrestling
A. Bareback riding
1. Rider mounts horse in shoot, released when rider ready. 2. Rider must spur the horse over shoulders as front feet hit the ground- failure to do so disqualifies ride B. Saddle bronc riding

1. Similar to bareback...

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