Robert Frost: Man and Nature

Topics: Birch, Robert Frost, Childhood Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: October 10, 2005
Poetry during the twentieth century was a versatile subject that could be written and interpreted in many ways. The Romantics were the basis to many authors techniques and ideas of Poetry. Robert Frost was one such example, that used Romanticism in his poetry writings. Robert Frost uses his poetry to establish a relationship between man and nature, by showing how nature can console, teach and impact choices made by mankind.

In "Birches" the connection between man and nature is the recollection of childhood memories that comforts and consoles man. For example, when the narrator observes nature he states "When I see birches bend to left and right…I like to think some boys been swinging them"(ll.1&3). The youth of the day seem to have to abandon their childhood at an early point in their lives. However, the speaker is hopeful that the youth of his day could still enjoy the simple pleasures of swinging on a birch branch. Furthermore, the narrator recollects back to better days "So was I once myself a swinger of birches. And so I dream of going back to be"(l. 41). The sight of the birch trees brings the narrator to happy thoughts. He is able to go back to the innocence of his child hood, back when he swan on birches. In addition, Frost writes of "I‘d like to get away from earth awhile/And then come back to it and begin over" (ll.48-49) He regrets losing the simplicity of his youth, but knows he can not go back. The birch trees are consoling to the narrator and allow him to imagine his life as it once was.

In "Mending Wall" the implication is for nature to teach man, that even when differences are present, a bond can be established. For instance, when a break in the wall occurs the narrator states "I let my neighbor know beyond the hill/And on a day we meet to walk the line"(ll.13-14). When nature damages the wall the two neighbors are brought together. This unity while evaluating and mending the wall allows a sharing experience to occur. In addition,...
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