Roanoke's Lost Colony Found

Topics: Roanoke Colony, Roanoke Island, Walter Raleigh Pages: 2 (1531 words) Published: October 28, 2014
Roanoke The Lost Colony What happened to the Roanoak Colony This is the question asked by John White when he found the colony abandoned in 1590, and this is the questions asked by historians ever since. There are many theories as to what happened to the colony and are backed by differing facts that dont match each other so that when looking at the situation as a whole there was no one answer. A new study, however, sheds some new light on the subject and shows that the colonists at Roanoak Island was integrated into the local Lumbee Indian tribes during one of the worst droughts of the areas time. In 1587 Sir Walter Raleigh and John White created the first colony in Queen Elizabeth Is time upon Roanoke Island. One hundred and seventeen colonists were with John White hoping to start a new life in a new land, but supplies were quick to dwindle. Sir Walter Raleigh had lost fifteen men at the hands of natives from a previous attempt to establish a military colony on the island. This made the potential for alliances with the local Native American tribes tense and uneasy however the Hateras tribe was a friendly local tribe at the time and would have seen the potential in having an alliance with the settlers for weapons and potential political power. John White, named the Governor of the Roanoke settlement established in July of 1587, was forced to return to England to resupply two months later, ten days after John Whites daughter Eleanor Dare gave birth to a daughter named Virginia Dare on August 18th 1587. In John Whites diary he left back for England with the promise to bring back desperately needed supplies. The trip was only supposed to take three months, but while John White was in England gathering supplies for the colony war was declared on Spain and Queen Elizabeth called for every able ship, causing John White no passage back to Roanoke. It took him three years to return to the Colony with supplies. He came back in 1590 expecting to be greeted by his...
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