Roald Dahl

Topics: Roald Dahl, Afterlife, Death Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: February 26, 2013
A legend is not what many are given the opportunity to become, the chance to become known long after life and even during. Roald Dahl was given this chance then took it and created something much larger, greater, and legendary as one could have possibly managed. He changed the entire aspect of writing, giving it his own feelings, perspective, and even heart within each swift stroke of his pen. He was capable of transforming a lousy sheet of paper into something much more tremendous and life changing. Dahl incorporated so much more than just fictional ideas within his writings. His own personal experiences are what established his magnificent creation.

Roald began Writing at the age of eight; “A Journal” is what he had called it. He would walk across a field past his mother’s garden, and into the distance, there stood an enormous Conker Tree. Dahl would climb up as far as he could possibly reach, and when he arrived at the right limb, he would carefully untie the rope that held a tin box. Roald would grab his journal and sit on a limb for hours and hours at a time, writing. Roald said the he felt distant, not only from society, but from the world also. He said that this allowed him to create his own atmosphere, one that made him feel comfortable, and welcome; only to realize that those creations had opened doors to a new world already.

Dahl has experienced many uplifting moments in his life, but the most memorable he stated would have to have been the day that his writing skills were noticed by his English teacher. She said to Dahl, “I have never meant anyone who so persistently writes words meaning the exact opposite of what is intended. Although his English teacher grew fond of his writing, the cathedral school, which he was attending, was not too fond of his mischievousness given the fact that this was a school where corporal punishment was required, Roald grew not so fond of them as well. Dahl questioned his mother many times as to why he had to attend...
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