Road Safety

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Road safety is the process of learning how to be safe and sensible when driving a vehicle on a road and how to reduce accident causes on road for proper driving. It aims to reduce the harm (deaths, injuries, and property damage) resulting from motor vehicle collisions. Harm from road traffic crashes is greater than that from all other transportation modes (air, sea, space, off-terrain, etc.) combined

I- Driving license

To make roads safer, driving licenses exist, so we compare two European countries: United-Kingdom and France.

- Driving license in UK.
There are 3 conditions to pass driving license in UK:
• 17 years old to apply
• Have a good health
• Pass 3 exams:
- DSA theory test
- Hazard perception test
- Practical driving test
• Penalty points when you’re convicted of a motoring offence up to 12 points.

- Driving license in France.
Here there are 4 conditions to pass driving license:
• 18 years old to apply
• Pass 2 exams:
- Theory test « le code »
- Practical driving test
• Drivers start with 6 points and 12 points after 2 or 3 years of driving. Points can be deducted for offences (from 1 to 6)

II - Road: a dangerous environment 

The dictionary defines an accident as "an unexpected and undesirable event, a mishap unforeseen and without apparent cause."

Strictly speaking, most accidents are not accidents at all: they are collisions that could and should have been avoided. Four factors contribute to the vast majority of collisions.
They are:
® Equipment Failure
® Roadway Design
® Poor Roadway Maintenance
® Driver Behavior

Thanks to the report established by the French Government during the first semester 2010, we can note that car accidents are decreasing in France because of the tougher legislation on speed and alcohol but there are still too many accidents. Nowadays, it’s impossible to make a law about driver’s tiredness, often responsible for many accidents among other factors. The people have to adopt responsible behaviors trying to determine if they are too tired to drive, or stopping the car when they want to call somebody. The legislation can do a lot to protect the drivers, but it‘s not enough so we have to become aware of all that needs changing.

But Roads can become safer:

- Campaigns
Campaigns are designed in order to inform about a new law, and raise awareness of an issue. As a result, they could change attitudes.

Mass media advertising is more effective than government support or education, but both must be combined. It may help to legitimate coercion. Law enforcement is a key, because people are more affected by the fear of jail than being involved in a car crash. On the one hand, the campaign could be attempting to change a behavior drivers enjoy, such as drinking; on the other hand, it may aim at having a law, considered as a drawback, applied. For instance driving slowly. It is difficult to measure the impact of these campaigns, but during the last decades, the method has been improved, thanks to marketing theories. The most important is to target a specific group of road users, with the specific goal of changing their attitude. The message should be designed according to this issue, and must enhance behaviors. The message has to provoke a shock in order to break psychological resistance, and not only for drawing attention on a special subject. Also, it must be reliable: lifelike scenarios which drive elementary messages are more likely to engage the society on these issues. Last but not least, the communication plan must consider the empowerment of car users, due to an overestimation of the quality of themselves as drivers and of their vehicles.

- Cars Improvement
To improve comfort and to reduce car accidents, constructors make more and more innovations.

Automatic Braking is a technology for automobiles to sense an imminent collision with another vehicle,...
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