Road Safety

Topics: Person, The Road, Youth Pages: 4 (1524 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Explain the influence of the determinants of health on your chosen health behaviour or concern (/10) How does the determinants of health influence people’s behaviour in relation to road safety? Health is socially constructed, meaning that health is not only determined by the individual but is also the product of other determinants of health. Road safety is a prominent health behaviour and concern in young people, with people under 25 representing 36% of annual road fatalities despite making up 15% of all drivers. Young people’s road safety is not only the result of an individual but also stems from the other determinants of health which consist socio-cultural, socio-economic and environmental influences. BODY 1 - Individual determinants consist of a person’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and past experiences. These factors are interrelated and have a momentous influence on the road safety of individuals. Knowledge is essential in ensuring the safety of a young person as it provides them with the information and understanding concerning road safety. It is viewed as a positive influence upon the road safety of young individuals. For young people, knowledge regarding their road safety is gained through years 7-10 PDHPE lessons that educate them on various matters in relation to road safety, such as the principal factors that lead to road crashes and road fatalities. Due to young people being educated on road safety for a number of years, their attitudes and knowledge concerning their personal road safety is effectively developed and cultivated. As a result, adolescents and young adults apply this knowledge to their real life road situations by not engaging in risky road behaviours such drink-driving, not wearing seatbelts and not being aware of other drivers on the road, and thus protect themselves against any trouble on the road. This highlights how an individual factor, knowledge, influences positively upon a person’s behaviour, in...
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