Rizal's Sisa

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Sisa, also known as the mother of thieves, the second most important character in Rizal's novel, the loving mother of two sons namely Crispin and Basilio. The Sisa who lived solely for her children, who served as a humble wife who never fought back to the abuses and mistreatment of her barbaric husband and treated him a god, the woman who is content with what she has, regardless of wealth nor social status, and the delicate well painted spectacle of Rizal's view of a mother, which rooted from the source of it all, Teodora Alonzo, his mother.

Sisa's character in Rizal's novel is a remarkable masterpiece, carefully fabricated to impact his readers. Weak in character, less in intellect but more of the heart. The motherly love he wants to make his readers perceive, the maternal sacrifice and unselfishness for the sake of her children, the paradigm of the magnificence and simplicity of "Native" Filipino women.

Sisa represents our motherland, the Philippines, characterized by profound beauty, but later on filled with sorrow and suffering, also represents endured sacrifices of Filipino womanhood and the nation itself. depicting the Filipinos as submissive to all misfortune, yet refusing any degeneration for honor and respect. Sisa, though forsaken by all, even by her own husband, treasured her good reputation as a woman and a mother, she was all forgiveness and love which invited further exploitation.

Despite being depicted as a weak character, Sisa is a very courageous mother, who would accept any humiliation just to save her sons from oppression, having the thought of losing her sons, Rizal added a limit of this pitiful character's suffering. Rizal wants to make us feel the pity, but he felt that he made the character suffer enough which he then wrote that she had gone mad. All that is what's left of her pride, her children, her husband, was gone, she felt that she was already lower than...

References: Women Characters in Rizal 's Novels
Noli Me Tangere
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