Risk Management

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Risk Management

A guide to help you implement Risk Management in your organization


“The person who risks nothing, does nothing,
has nothing, and is nothing.”
Janet Rand

Joe Teeples

650 Duvall Ave NE #S1611
Renton, Washington 98059
Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Risk Management.

Chapter 2
Just What is Risk Management?
Why integrate Risk Management into everything we do?
What happens to the Safety Professionals?

Chapter 3
Scenario for a quick start

Chapter 4
Going to Grafenwhor? NTC? Fort McCoy?

Chapter 5
Definition Card
Risk Assessment Matrix
Hazard Assessment Form
Course of Action Template
Risk Management techniques
What if?
Next Accident Prediction
Sample SOP

Chapter 1Introduction
The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Risk Management

Who is directing the use of Risk Management?

Direction to use Risk Management is coming directly from the top. In July of 1995 General Reimer, Chief of Staff of the Army wrote a letter stating the goal of the Army is “to make risk management a routine part of planning and executing operational missions. Risk management helps us preserve combat power and...is a combat multiplier...”

In May of 1997 Togo West, the Secretary of the Army signed a letter which directed the integration of Risk Management. In his letter he states “Risk management is the principal risk reduction process...”

What is Risk Management?
Risk Management is a decision making process aimed at reducing the number of losses of people, equipment and material due to accidents. It is a pro-active approach to accident reduction which has been proven on the battlefield as well as in private sector companies. Risk Management works.

Risk management applies to both to war and to peace time operations. In war the commander may be forced to assume greater risks than they normally would in peace time training. In training the injury of one soldier is an unacceptable risk. Commanders must:

1. Take ownership of workplace safety
2. Cancel operations if they are taking too many casualties
3. Minimize casualties and losses of equipment
4. Ensure that no one is injured in a peace time mission.


Risk Management is just
what the doctor ordered!!
When should you conduct a Risk Management Assessment?
Ideally, Risk Management should be considered well in advance of the operation, when the operation is still in the planning stages. If you are planning six months out, you can use a variety of Risk Management techniques to identify and control the hazards your people will encounter. On the other hand, if you have just been handed a mission to be conducted in the next few hours, a hasty risk management assessment may be all that you have time to do.

Where can I find Risk Management Guidance? (Hint, look in the Operations Shop!)
Field Manuals and regulations are being rewritten to reflect the changes directed by Reimer and West.The ultimate goal is to integrate Risk Management into all training events, mobilization exercises, deployment missions to hostile area’s, as well as day to day activities of our soldiers and civilian work force. [pic]

You can find Risk Management in a wide variety of places. Your local safety office can help you with job aids, training films and classes on Risk Management.

FM 100-14, entitled “Risk Management”, and other manuals will reflect that Risk Management is the way of doing things.

FM 101-5 Staff Organization and Operations identifies risk assessment as step #7 in the mission analysis. The FM includes a small annex on Risk Management (Annex J, Risk Management). FM 101-5 specifies that “every staff officer must integrate risk management into...
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