Rise of Totalitarianism

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Weimar Republic, World War I Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: January 26, 2014
Rise of Totalitarianism
At the end of World War I, totalitarianism began to rise. To keep the countries at peace they created The League Of Nations. It did not execute its duties well, and failed to enforce treaties, and prevent invasions. At the end of the war France designed the Treaty of Versailles to punish Germany, and it caused many problems in Germany. The rise of totalitarianism could have been stopped if, the Treaty of Versailles was not as severe, the League of Nations was more effective, and had their not been an economic downfall.

The Treaty of Versailles had some harsh regulations. This treaty stated Germany had to pay high reparations, take the blame for the war, have land taken from them, have their military reduced, and League of Nations taking over seas colonies. If it was not for this treaty Germany would not have had the rise of Nazism. The main goal of Nazism was to reunite the German speaking people and they could not do that if all the German speaking countries were spilt up. Alsace Lorraine was taken from Germany and given back to France. Other countries were stripped from Germany and were given to Poland, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, and some made independent countries showing self-determination. All this did was anger the German people, because they blame the signing of the treaty on the people known as the “November Criminals”. The Weimar Republic did not know who to blame for the defeat and faced many problems similar to that. Revolts let out and so did street gangs. Horrible inflation happened due to the high reparations in the 1920s. This caused many German citizens to have very little hope in the government. Hitler came into power by gaining control of the Nazi Party and got support for finding blame for the war. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s loss in World War I and the economic downfall. In the 1930s Hitler started to use communism uprising as a threat to gain power. He went against the other political parties and...
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