Rhetorical Essay on Poverty

Topics: United States, Poverty, Poverty in the United States Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: February 25, 2014

“The Other America 2012”
“To confront the poverty epidemic, we must first bring the invisible poor out of the shadows” (1). Sasha Abramsky, the writer of “The Other America 2012” is a very touching article to read, mainly for the fact of how he expresses his feelings towards poverty. Poverty in America is a shame, and Sasha Abramsky can show how it is. This article is mainly based on American inequality, and how upsetting it is. Sasha manages to attract people who may read the nation by expressing his feelings, and letting the audience know we need to do something about poverty. There are many examples of ethos, logos, and pathos in this article. “The Other America 2012” is very touching and heartwarming talking about the problems of poverty in the USA. Sasha Abramsky, first explains the problems in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and how poverty is easily seen there. Also Poverty across America is a huge problem that the government says they are going to fix it, but they really don’t. In America, “about 47 million Americans remain at or below the poverty line” (2). Also 8.3 percent of the workforce remains unemployed. This article tells us that poverty exists heavily in the USA and in our world; people tend to ignore that. The article shows that the people below the poverty line are very diverse such as in color, age, gender, and background. According to the article, “More than a quarter of blacks and Latinos live below the government- defined poverty line” (2). There are also people who give their point of views of poverty such as Mary Vasquez, a 67 year old phone operator at Walmart; Jorge, a 57-year old who migrated to the United States from Mexico; and a few others that express how they are living in poverty.

In this article, ethos is shown when you can easily see how Sasha Abramsky is a caring type of guy. When Sasha Abramsky talks about the poor he says “Sadly”, which shows he cares about the poor, and he feels bad. He explains “While the poor are barely...
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