Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama's Speech

Topics: Barack Obama, Rhetoric, President of the United States, The Audacity of Hope / Pages: 4 (983 words) / Published: May 19th, 2017
In March of 2008, in Philadelphia at the Constitution Center, Presidential candidate Barack Obama addressed the nation concerning racial divide, creating unity between all people, and the effect it has on the upcoming presidential election. He brought attention to accusations made regarding Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor from his church in Chicago, Illinois. In his speech, he focuses on the idea that we as society can not dwell on how others feel because of their upbringing, and reminds us to worry about the more current and relevant issues. Obama uses several different rhetorical strategies in order to convey the central message of his speech. The speech is directed towards undecided voters and the majority that form the union. The recurring triggers that influenced this speech and made it increasingly urgent were the emerging problems of racial discrimination and the upcoming Presidential Election in November. Essentially, the purpose of this speech was to persuade people to focus on content, not color and develop a better understanding about how and why the reverend feels the way that he does.
Barack Obama was somewhat obligated to defend his position
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After this speech, a citizen should be able to understand both sides of the disagreement of the Reverend and the opposing party. They should gain a sense of reliability in Obama after he establishes his position with the reverend. It is extremely important that he delivered the address when he did because if he did not keep up with the polls he could kiss the chances of being in the presidential seat goodbye. Evidently, his diction in his speech was a success considering the outcome of the election. Ultimately, this deliverance definitely responds to the question as to how Obama accomplished the goal of saving voters after the scandal involving the reverend through the use of rhetorical devices and

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