Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Essay, Rhetoric Pages: 4 (1348 words) Published: December 7, 2014
The Collapse of Big Media: The Young and the Restless by David Mindich starts out by stating the focus of his article is the declining interest in news, and young people are not watching it anymore. The demographic that watches news now are getting older and older. You can notice this by looking at the commercials that are shown during the news. They appeal to an older demographic in general. Mindich uses logos, ethos and pathos to convince us that there is a collapse of big media, and that the consequences of it can be everlasting. The factual information of the essay, or logos, is greatly seen throughout and is one of the deciding factors that leads you to trust the author and his ideas on how the use of big media is coming to an end in the world. According to a study, in the year 1972 the population between 18- 22 years of age about half of them were reading or watching the news. In the same year the population between the ages of 34 to 37, three-quarters of them were reading the newspaper. Today less than 25 percent of people in the same age groups are watching or reading the news. Younger generations are not interested in the news studies show. The time spent playing video games or watching TV shows, also show it. The lack of interest from their parents has an impact on it, but the low ratings and sales of newspapers show it the most. Mindich states that there are three main ways we are able to obtain our news and information today: the Internet, television or an old-fashioned newspaper. He says that even with all of the resources available, we still waste our time by watching reality TV shows. Even with the invention of the Internet, only an astonishing 18 percent of Americans listed the Internet as their primary source of information. Mindich mentions that most studies show that instead of researching information online, people’s time is spent browsing Facebook or playing games. Not paying attention to the world around them. An astounding fact that was...
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