Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Generation Y, Audience, Writing Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Laila Lane
Professor Katherine Gray
English 1102

Rhetorical Analysis

Today's young generation has been getting a lot of slack from older generations due to the amount technology they have. Those who have negative things to say about this generation sometimes say that they're not as smart as the previous generations because of the new technology that is available. Literary critic at the San Francisco Chronicle, Cynthia Haven, argues that the young generation of today has actually written more than any other generation and they insert more passion into what they’re writing about as well. Haven’s purpose in writing about this seems to be to show how much this generation does write compared to what others have said in articles and research papers. While talking about the impact that the young generation of today has on society, Haven seems to have a respectful tone for what they’re doing, as a young generation, in their writings in order to make her audience feel as though they should respect this generation’s work as well. At the very start of the article, Haven writes, “Today’s kids don’t just write for grades anymore. They write to shake the world.” In those two sentences alone there is a lot of power and it immediately grabs one's attention and forces them to question,” What is she talking about?” As you continue to read, you get a sense of who her target audience is for this article. “The study [of writing] refutes conventional wisdom and provides a wholly new text for those who wonder ‘whether Google is making us stupid and whether Facebook is frying our brains,’ said Lunsford.” Just from reading that you know Haven wants the stigma that this generation is going to shreds through technology to stop and she seems to be addressing those that have so much to say about the young generation taking advantage of the social media available to them. Also, because this article is about technology and its effect on this generation, it could also be...
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