Rh Bill or Pro Life?

Topics: Birth control, Family planning, Abortion Pages: 7 (2333 words) Published: September 6, 2011
Review of Related Literature and Studies

There are many methods of family planning known to medicine today. They provide protection against unwanted Pregnancy. Pregnancy is avoided if the male sperm does not meet the woman’s mature egg or if the fertilized egg does not become implanted in the lining of the uterus. When you intentionally do something to prevent such union, you are practicing “birth control”. The common method of contraception prevents the getting together of the egg and the sperm. Contraceptive pills prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs and the lining of the uterus from forming.

In many developing countries in the Philippines, there are many couples who do not use any form of contraception or stop the use of such even though they truly want to limit their family size and to space delay the next birth. Surveys mention the following reaction: (1) Having experienced or fear of side effects. Female contraceptive method like pill, intrauterine device (IUD), and injectable have some disruptive effect on menstrual cycle. (2) Widespread perceptions and beliefs about potential hazards, based on ethnic concepts of anatomy and psychology. (3) Sexual modesty of women is offended by the medical examination and consultation required for the use of modern contraceptive. (4) Buying, storing and getting rid of condoms and diaphragms are also an embarrassment in many countries. (5) the historical association that the condom is a man’s protection against venereal disease when consorting with prostitutes.

Religion plays an important role in life. Most people believe that there is someone more superior than men who is responsible for their existence and who should be at the center of one’s life. There are many different forms of religion and religious beliefs in the society but most of these focuses on and instill respect for life and moral values in their members as concomitant with religious or church practice. Hence, the different churches share responsibilities for sex education with parents and society at large, as follows. 1. The church should give parents the content, materials methods and above all, the attitudes which will equip them to do the basic task. 2. The church should supplement the works of parents through its teaching program. 3. The church should train its teachers and youth leaders to do their part with understanding and I close cooperation with parent. 4. The church should help develop an adequate public education system to supplement the work of the church and to advocate Christians ideal. The church can fulfill its responsibilities through homilies, premarital guidance, and seminars in preparation for the different sacraments.

It is written in Ecclesiastes 3:1 that “there is a time to be born and a time to die” However, one cannot help but think of the number of poor unborn children: the “victims” of abortion. For these children, the “time to die” came even before the “time to be born”. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues confrontation human societies today. It has generated much passion here and abroad, resulting rallies, denunciations, accusations, and counteraccusations. In politics, the success of a candidate vying for a position in an election is decided, quite unfortunately, by his/her stand on the issues of abortion. Each of us has his/her own opinion on the matter whether it is for or against the practice. Abortion is illegal in the Philippines. Most people – including the youth – disapprove of abortion, but it is not a black-and-white scenario; certain grey areas are notable.

The controversial Reproductive Health Bill 5043 will ruin the health of the people, said Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz. “The bill will lead to the implementation of an immoral policy—a proposed synthetic artificial contraceptives eventually designed to ruin health as it slants the idea of responsible parenthood to issues of depopulation, which proponents claim will...
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