Revolt of Mother

Topics: Stereotype, 19th century, Wife Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Devante Withers
AP Literature
Mrs. Choate

Mary Freeman’s “The Revolt of ‘Mother,”’ can be described as local color or regional literature. Local color or regional literature can be described as fiction that focuses on the characters, dialect, customs, topography, and other features particular to a region. “(Campbell). She reflects this type of literature through the characters, setting, and theme.

Regionalism focuses on the formal an informal,analyzing the attitudes characters have towards one another and their community as a whole.(Williams) In the beginning of this story the fathers attitude towards his wife was controlling and manipulative. His attiude towards his wife characterized when she tries to talk to him, he silences her and often avoids conversation with her. Also he controls her by keeping her in the same house. Regional writing also focuses on stereotypical characters (Campbell). The husband being dominant and controlling is a male stereotype and his wife, Sarah Penn, is recessive and submissive is a female stereotype she does what her husband says, up until the point when he leaves and then her revolt takes place. ‘”The Revolt of ‘Mother”’ actually advances a serious analysis of the difficulties a woman confronts when attempting to realize her interest (Church 1). Which could also be said to be sterotype because most women goes through obstacles when finding their interest. And at this point other people were starting to be concerned with her. And in local stories they tend to be concerned with character of the district (Campbell).

In regional literature the setting can be a very important aspect to the story “The Revolt of Mother”’ is set in somewhere in the late nineteenth century. The story take place on a farm during the spring and summer. Sarah is confided in a house that she doesn’t want to be in. sarah has been complaining to her husband for the past 40 years about building her a new home. The new home is a very...
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