Topics: Natural language processing, String searching algorithm, Linguistics Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: August 26, 2013

A survey of related studies was conducted by the researchers in order to provide more insight into the research in the field of an experimentation and to get support of the Boyer-Moore string searching algorithm as a relevant string matching algorithm that can be integrated with Natural Language Processing method and why it creates a better string searching process. The available literature related to the research work has been reviewed and presented under two distinct heads viz. (i) String Searching Algorithm

(ii) Natural Language Processing

2.1.String Searching Algorithm
There are many existing string matching algorithms, and each is efficient and effective in one way or another. It is worth noting that string is used interchangeably with text. It is a sequence of characters that may be a set of alphabet.

The researchers have selected the Boyer-Moore string matching algorithm because it is used in most software applications. Usually, it is used for searching and replacingtext in a text editor or word processing application.It is known for its efficiency. [WWW_003]. One of the many text editors that use this algorithm is the Subpad. It is a notepad with cloned features of Windows notepad. It is made faster by this algorithm that is written in assembler.Boyer-Moore string matching algorithm is developed by Robert Boyer and J Strother Moorein their paper in 1997 [REF_001]. It is practically used in the search command of all text editors [REF_002]. String matching algorithms work by matching two strings, the main string and the pattern. The main string is larger than or equal to the pattern that is the text being searched. Boyer-Moore String matching algorithm works by comparing from right to left. It is fast because it skips some of the characters. It is efficient because with each failed attempt to match between the search string and the pattern, it uses the gathered information from that attempt to...
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