Retelling Is Not the Same as Recalling

Topics: Memory, Implicit memory, Emotion and memory Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: November 17, 2011
This article is talking about recalling is more accuracy on information and details. However it’s different from retelling. Retelling is more focus on the speaker's goals, the audience, and the social context more generally. It has explained that retelling the story facts are much better that elaboration of the story. However, the new memory would incomplete or distorted our old memory. Hence, it decreases the accuracy of our memory. Retellings can be linked to memory errors observed in domains such as flashbulb memories and eyewitness testimony. Flashbulb memory explained that why we could remember something very well. It’s because flashbulb memory a clear memory of an emotion significant moment or event and location. Therefore, very could remember what we were doing and where we were accuracy. We could only remember well for the facts of the event, but not all the details. When the times pass longer, it would replace by the new memory too, to reduce the accuracy of memory.

I would like to introduce to my friends or parent that our memory is not accuracy for something that we not always recall. It’s hard to remember all the details and information of the events. Mostly, we could retell the facts of the story or events. It is because our new memory replaced our old memory. That’s why it would affect our accuracy of memory. There are also so many things could affect our memory. Such as, environment, internal state, consciousness, encoding and rehearsing. Those facts would affect the accuracy and how well we could remember for the detail. Personal Reaction

This article let me understand that why something we could memorize so well and we would never forget that and something we could only remember the facts but not the details. It’s because of our recalling and retelling of emotion and location. We could only remember the facts but not all the details. However, when something that we didn’t recall a lot it may replace by the new memory and it would mess up our...
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