Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012

Topics: United States Congress, United States House of Representatives, Philippines Pages: 4 (1442 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Reproductive Health Bill was introduced by Congresswoman Bellaflor J. Angara -Castillo is also known as ³Reproductive Health Care Act of 2002´,assembled at Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines, and now known as House Bill 5043 of 2008. It's been years since the bill was approved in the senate, due to some church conflicts, biomedical ethical issues and some scientific research conflicts. Today there are still lots of Filipino citizen who are now fully aware about this bill and why this bill was imposed. Poverty, the main problems that the Philippine is facing today and they say thatthe primary factors that lead to poverty is due to overpopulation, the Philippines has apopulation of 64,318,120 in 1990. Today the population is ballooning and estimated toover 94 million according to latest census and the top 12 th

country having the mostpopulation. The population is growing by about 2 percent a year, giving the Philippinesone of the world¶s highest population-growth rates This is one of the reasons of the creation of the Reproductive Health bill to give asolution to poverty by eradicating the overpopulation problem, by implementing familyplanning, sex education and prevent the sexually transmitted disease The Roman Catholic church Authorities here in the Philippines oppose this proposed bill because according to them it promotes artificial methods of birth control and the legalization of the abortion. Artificial Birth control and abortion are against to the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. While other non-religious groups called themselves as Pro-Life consider the artificial birth control as abortifacient or is life threatening not only to the unborn children but also the pregnant mothers. In my points of view, I guess, I am pro RH Bill in a sense that it can be a way to help our country to seize the incessant growing of our population and I believe that the irresponsible parenthood is one of the main reasons why there...
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