Respiratory System

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The Respiratory System
As humans, our body is made out of different systems, which work together to make us live day by day. One major system is the respiratory system. The respiratory system includes the nose (the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses), pharynx (throat), larynx (voice box), trachea (windpipe), bronchi, and the lungs. The respiratory system begins from our respiratory tracts that carry air to and from the exchange surfaces of the lungs. Respiratory tract can be divided into a conducting portion and a respiratory portion. The conducting portion enters through our nasal cavities, which then continues into our pharynx and ends with our larger bronchioles. Our respiratory portion involves the smallest most delicate bronchioles and the alveoli. (Martini 630) To breathe, we must inhale oxygen, which circulates through our blood then we exhale carbon dioxide.

Breathing begins through our nose by inhaling air. The air then travels through our external nares that are formally called our nostrils. As the air travels in sinuses it leads us into our nasal cavity. Although people don’t really understand what major role the nasal cavity has in our respiratory system, nasal cavities clean out all the air we inhale through the help from the mucus. All the bad chemicals we breathe in are taken by the mucus and pushed down our throats into our stomach. As we enter through the nasal septum’s this causes a division in the nasal cavity creating a left and right side. The anterior portion of the nasal septum is formed of hyaline cartilage. The bony posterior septum includes portions of the vomer and the ethmoid bone (Respiratory). From the nasal cavities this goes into our internal nares, which have a pass way from our nasal vestibule to the internal nares. Air we tend to inhale flows into a narrow groove among adjacent conchae. The respiratory surface of the nasal cavity is flushed by mucus producing the paranasal sinuses. When the...

Cited: Martini, Frederic, Michael J. Timmons, and Robert B. Tallitsch. Human Anatomy. Boston: Pearson Benjamin Cummings, 2012. Print.
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