Respect Essay

Topics: Respect, Virtue, English-language films Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Blessed be God!
Xavier Galindo
U.S. History

Respect is one of my principal virtues. It makes you into a Todd person in general. You need to give and show respect in order for others to give respect back to you. Respect is one of those virtues we all show at one time or another. Normally we show it to our elders. in my case I try to give it to those who respect me even for those who don't I try to become the bigger person. Its amazing how this virtue can open doors for you at least it did for me. It shows what kind of character you are. It makes other look up to you. Its one of those virtues that impacts those around. One thing that interest me the most is that it makes you look at yourself as a differ person. Now instead of people looking down on you, you have them looking up at you. Respect can also be considered as being a gentlemen.

At my school respect can be considered one of the most important values. Im even writing an essay over respect. The school thinks it is one of the corner stones to how the rest of your values will develop. We even have a school code that involves respect. They are called the ESLR they incorporate faith, academics, and service. For faith they say we should understand our religion to its fullest and what it incorporates. In academics they talk about how we should become more responsible and how we should strive to learn. The third, service talks about respect and how we should give it in order to receive it. Even there mission statement involves respect. My school is a private catholic high school so we talk about religion. It’s surprising to see that even in the time of Jesus respect was also kept. The elders were the most respected. They were never betrayed disobeyed or anything of that sort. It’s amazing to see how millions of year back how we still see these virtues being kept. It’s also interesting how oral tradition over all those decades of time have not confused the meaning of respect with...
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