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1. INTRODUCTION The aim of this document is to give MBA students practical guidance about their thesis proposal. In addition to some general comments, the actual structure that should be followed in presenting the proposal is also outlined. The research proposal can serve many useful functions. The most important is that it helps the student to think out the research project he/she is about to undertake and predict any difficulties that might arise. For those who are not quite sure what their focus will be, the research proposal can be a space to explore options. Research proposals can be effective starting places to discuss projects with professors, too. A professor who is initially skeptical about a project may be able to imagine it more easily after reading a well written research proposal. Your research proposal should answer the following questions: • • • • What? This includes problem statement, research question, research objectives and key definitions. Why? How? The justification and objectives of the research. Indications of the type of methodology and data the research will use.

Whom? Who will benefit from this research, which audience is it aimed at?

In preparing your thesis proposal, please be aware of the following points: • • • Reading: in order to write the proposal you are expected to have read at least two or three articles relevant to your topic (to be included in the Bibliography). Writing: in writing the proposal (and the thesis) you should make an effort to adopt a style similar to that found in the academic articles you have read. Length of proposal: Up to six pages (one and a half spacing).

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(1) Title Give your project a working title, which may or may not become the title of the thesis

(2) Background and overview Explain your interest or any previous work you have done on the topic. Also, describe any reading or any personal experience that has lead you to...
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