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Research questions and problems

The key for you at the moment is to find your topic and once you have identified the topic (choose sth you’re interested in) then it is about making your research topic accessible, What you do is you define a research problem which is an overall problem and you break it down in a serious of questions, so one you have identified your research problem that can be phrased as an overall questions.


So you have got a research problem which is an overall question for instance, dis TQM worked well for small businesses?. Then you need to break down into a serious of questions, which you need to address to ansewer the overall question. So you need from an overall research question to move on to specific research question. So what you do is you have got this research problem and you devide it into a serious of small steps which you then follow through one by one. So an overall question is broken down into smaller questions (specific questions), which you can then use to analyse your research problem. THAT’S THE IDEA !!

* Bad overall research questions:

* what types of strategic alliances exist ?would be a very good an overall research question. This is not a good question because you can look it up plus the answer is a knowledge question. It’s just sth which you can easily find out in the business dictionary and that’s it ! So that would not be a research problem because it’s well known , it’s in the text book. As a general guide these things which are in the text book are not good project.


* What success factors determine the strategic alliances in the automotive industry.

This is a good question for a number of reasons .. it’s valid overall because it’s farily precise. It talks about strategic alliances which is a clear concept ( we know what it’s). So strategic alliance is our concern here and now we have narrowed down into the...
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